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  • The Wyma Pumpkin Brusher removes soil clods and light scale, and provides a gentle and effective wash for pumpkins. The Pumpkin Brusher has been used on multiple varieties and sizes of pumpkins including butternut, hokkaido and muskatpumpkins.

    Produce enters through a large in-feed chute and is immediately directed onto soft nylon brushes. Inside, two brush shafts are positioned at an angle and counter rotate to each other, providing produce rotation and forward movement. This means the whole surface of the pumpkin has contact with the brushes. Two water pipes spray water or chemical solution onto the pumpkins as they travel along the length of the brusher frame. Water and debris are collected in a catchment tray underneath the brush bed.

    Each brush shaft is driven by a separate motor gearbox, allowing individual speed control. The internal frame also has side guides that are positioned above and along the brush shafts. These prevent the pumpkins from becoming stuck between the brush shafts and the internal sides of the frame. The guides are angled to maximise produce space while minimising produce damage.

    The space between the two brush shafts can be set with threaded adjusters. This mechanism allows the user to prevent small pumpkins falling through the gaps, or ensure larger pumpkins have enough contact with the brushes to maximise washing effectiveness.

    The tilt angle of the brush bed is screw adjustable. This tilt mechanism controls how quickly the pumpkins move along the length of the brush shaft, providing an additional tool to adjust the washing intensity or to quickly empty the machine at the end of a produce batch.

    Strong on experience with the Vege-Polisher™ brush technology, Wyma developed long nylon bristle brushes to suit the shape and size pumpkins. These long brushes can be further customised to suit specific varieties and washing requirements.

    Cleaning and maintenance access has been considerably improved over the years. The liftable side panel allows access to internal structure. The spray bars have easily replaceable water nozzles; removed with a gentle twist and pull. The brush bearing mounts have threaded adjusters to facilitate replacement.   

    • Quick removal of surface dirt allows easier drying and more effective sizing downstream
    • Custom long bristle brushes to match produce and skin types, and washing requirements
    • Gentle and consistent clean
    • Multiple adjustment mechanisms to adapt to pumpkin size, variety and washing intensity
    • Liftable side access panel for cleaning and maintenance
    • Easy access to catchment tray
    • Quick change spray nozzles for easy cleaning and replacement if water flow rate needs to be adjusted
    • Rubber clasp mounting on side panels with tight fitting to minimise noise. Optional screws can be fitted inside the rubber clasp mountings for additional safety*.
    • Enhanced motor gearbox protection to provide stability, reducing vibrations and increasing its life expectancy
    • Side guards to minimise produce damage and prevent produce getting trapped on the side of the frame
    • Easy to operate control panel placed on frame*


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