Water Recycling Systems

  • Rotary Brush Filter Screen

    Rotary Brush Filter Screen

    Wyma’s Rotary Brush Filter Screen removes vegetable matter, debris & dirt from the water used in the Vege-Polisher™ and other Wyma equipment. Screens are either static or rotary with wedgewire or perforated plate from 0.5mm - 2mm aperture.

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  • Rotary Drum Filter

    Rotary Drum Filter

    The Wyma Rotary Drum Filter is mostly used as a first stage water treatment solution, enabling the removal of vegetable matter, debris and dirt waste in order to re-use the filtered water.

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  • Lamella separator preceding the ozone and UV units

    VAM Watertech Water Treatment Systems

    VAM Watertech can supply water treatment and recycling systems that purify processed water to 100%.  

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