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Vege‑Polisher™ V2B

Wyma’s Vege-Polisher™ is the most effective vegetable polishing system in the world, improving the shelf-life of fresh produce.


Wyma’s Vege-Polisher™ is the most effective vegetable polishing system in the world with more than 850 polishers been sold since the mid 1990s, into 40+ countries.

Rotary brush technology was invented by Wyma in the 1990s. We use our years of knowledge to make sure your machine suits your exact polishing needs.

Our V2B Vege-Polisher™ has a rotating drum made up of rows of nylon brushes. Produce enters via a large infeed chute. Two water pipes spray fresh and/or recycled water on the produce as it travels through the drum. Produce is washed/polished as it rubs against other produce as well as the rotating brushes.

At the outfeed, produce slides down a chute with minimal drop for a smooth transition to downstream equipment.

The Vege-Polisher™ improves the appearance of fresh vegetables, resulting in more premium packed produce and an increased presence on retailers’’ shelves. Wyma’s experience with rotary brush drum technology and brush specification means vegetables are washed and polished to the highest retailing standards.


  • Highly reliable V and synchronous belt drive systems
  • Control of the polishing intensity with separate variable speed controls for the brush and drum rotations
  • Hinged belt tensioning system for quick and simple tension adjustment
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance via sliding doors, side removable brush shafts and light-weight quick release panels
  • Internal cleaning bars to reduce manual cleaning
  • Range of Clean-In-Place features to provide some automation of the cleaning and sanitising procedure
  • Manual or automated out-feed gate to control produce depth
  • Ability to customise the brush configuration to suit your produce and maximise polishing effectiveness
  • Built strongly to stand the test of time and to provide a low total cost of ownership
  • Enhanced bearing protection features to maximise the lifespan of your equipment
  • Fresh water and recycled water spray bars inside drum
  • Range of water recycling systems to minimise water consumption rates
  • Numerous safety components such as door locks and drum retainer

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