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WDX Barrel Washer

Wyma’s Barrel Washer gently and effectively washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones.


Our WDX Barrel Washer effectively and gently washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones. Produce can be partially or fully submerged during washing.

The WDX has the largest barrel diameter of all the Wyma Barrel Washers so it can handle large volumes of produce. Produce enters through the infeed chute which is above the tank rim, allowing maximum produce fill level.

As the perforated barrel rotates, vegetables rub against each other and against the barrel for a gentle clean. Auger blades provide increased produce churning for vigorous cleaning.

Soil and debris collect in the hoppers underneath the barrel. Dump valves regularly clear debris build-up. Cleaning bars can be fitted to rinse the inside of the barrel.

The outfeed elevator allows you to choose the outfeed height for your produce and it provides gentle handling. The outfeed scoop model has a set outfeed level but is a low maintenance option.


  • Drive frame supported on adjustable mounts to alter drum height. Change belt without removing barrel.
  • Water level sensor (with or without control) interconnects with water in-feed and dump valves. Optional manual winder with hose loop overflow*.
  • Water flow push system draws water from behind the elevator and improves produce flow onto the elevator belt*.
  • Wash jets on elevator to rinse produce with clean water on exit*.
  • Drive with single motor/gearbox and connection shaft between two drive pulleys. Stainless steel shaft for durability.
  • Heavy duty spherical roller bearings, in an easy to maintain arrangement, provide long life with minimal maintenance.
  • Alignment rollers operate against V-belt (radial alignment) and between the flanges of the belt channel (axial alignment), guarding the rollers against dirt.
  • Greasable and durable alignment rollers are positioned above the tank rim for easy access and maintenance.
  • Transfer lagoon isolates the elevator loading process for improved flow control. Surge barrier optional.
  • In-feed chute is integrated and set high (above tank rim line) allowing maximum filling of the drum with produce. Shaped chute entry for maximum produce fill potential. Chute angle at 30° into barrel cavity.
  • Auger blades provide a large degree of churning to facilitate vigorous cleaning. Interchangeable blades to select degree of churning.
  • Stainless steel outfeed gate with robust, adjustable mounting system to allow best alignment between gate, drum and frame panels. Hub can operate below water level.
  • Out-feed gate has easily adjustable sweep angle to minimise catch points.
  • Stainless steel top and side covers with perforated inserts to view/monitor operations and for hazard protection.
  • Access hatches improve access under barrel.
  • Tank cleaning pipes for thorough tank clean-out after draining the barrel*.
  • Lower lift height to remove/replace the drum.
  • Knife gate dump valves upgrade from standard butterfly for easy waste removal*.
  • Greasing access for the main barrel carrier bearings at tank rim level*.


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