Washing and Polishing

  • NEW Vege-Polisher™ (V4 Series)

    NEW Vege-Polisher™ (V4 Series)

    The NEW Vege-Polisher™ has eight key improvements including automated machine operation and Improved access for maintenance and cleaning.

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  • Vege-Polisher™ (V2B Series)

    Vege-Polisher™ (V2B Series)

    The Wyma Vege-Polisher™ can considerably improve the appearance of your fresh vegetables, resulting in a greater percentage of packed premium produce and an increased presence on retailers' shelves.

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  • Mega-Polisher™


    The Wyma Mega-Polisher™ is the largest vegetable polishing machine in the world today. This equipment consists of two WP3016.V2B Vege-Polishers™ linked together via a coupling kit to form one large polishing machine providing 6.0m (19' 6") x 16 rows of brushes.

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  • Mega-Polishing Solution

    Mega-Polishing Solution

    The Wyma Mega-Polishing Solution provides optimum polishing, reduced water consumption and gentle handling.

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