Washing and Brushing

  • Flat Bed Brusher

    Flat Bed Brusher

    The Wyma Flat Bed Brusher is composed of rows of rotating brush rollers and is designed to remove dirt from wet or dry produce.

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  • Barrel Washer

    Barrel Washer

    The Wyma Barrel Washer effectively  and gently washes fresh produce whilst also removing soil and small stones.

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  • The Wyma Pumpkin Brusher provides a gentle wash

    Pumpkin Brusher

    The Wyma Pumpkin Brusher uses long bristle brushes to wash soil, clods and light scale from pumpkins and squash without skin damage.

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  • Barrel Washer LS Range

    Barrel Washer LS Range

    The new Wyma Barrel Washer LS Range provides a cost effective solution to wash vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

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  • Barrel Washer LZ Range

    Barrel Washer LZ Range

    The Wyma Barrel Washer LZ Range gentles washes produce to remove waste matter such as dirt and small stones.

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