• Lift Roller Sizer

    Lift Roller Sizer

    The Wyma Lift Roller Sizer separates fresh produce into multiple sizes. It is accurate, simple to operate and robustly built.

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  • Vibrating Length Sizer

    Vibrating Length Sizer

    The Wyma Vibrating Length Sizer provides accurate length sizing for long produce. It is also used to remove short or broken pieces of carrots prior to packaging.

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  • Spool Sizer

    Spool Sizer

    The Wyma Spool Sizer consists of a series of rotating rollers that are set apart at a preselected distance. It is a cost effective way to separate your round produce into two sizes.

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  • Screen Sizer

    Screen Sizer

    The Wyma Screen Sizer offers an effective means to size round produce. This system uses a mesh screen to separate produce inot different sizes.

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