• Wet Hopper

    Wet Hopper

    The Wyma Wet Hopper can receive produce in dirty, clean or semi-clean condition. It allows produce to be quickly tipped from a bin, truck or other device into a water-filled tank without fear of damage.

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  • Wet Hopper Destoner with Stone Elevator

    Wet Hopper Destoner with Stone Elevator

    The Wyma Wet Hopper Destoner acts as a pre-soak and dirt/rubbish collection facility ensuring that this material is not transferred to other equipment in your processing line.

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  • Wet Hopper Destoner with Stone Lock

    Wet Hopper Destoner with Stone Lock

    The Wyma Wet Hopper Destoner significantly improves your washing performance further down the processing line.

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  • 1T Wet Hopper

    1T Wet Hopper

    The 1T Wyma Wet Hopper provides a gentle reception and storage system for small quantities of potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other produce requiring delicate handling.

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  • V-Bin Hopper

    V-Bin Hopper

    The V-Bin Hopper is an entry and storage facility for free flowing produce, that does not involve high level of dirt or clods.

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  • Creep Feed Hopper

    Creep Feed Hopper

    The Wyma Creep Feed Hopper is a reception, storage and conveying equipment suitable for dirty produce that has a high level of dirt and clods.

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  • Evenflow


    The Wyma Evenflow Hopper ensures on-demand supply and buffer storage for baggers and other flow-rate sensitive processes.

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  • Refrigerated Bunker Hopper

    Refrigerated Bunker Hopper

    The Wyma Refrigerated Bunker Hopper allows fresh produce to be stored at a controlled temperature prior to packaging. This equipment is designed to gently receive, handle and store large quantities of fresh produce in water.

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  • Truck Washout

    Truck Washout

    The Wyma Truck Wash-Out System provides a gentle unloading while washing the majority of soil from produce.

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