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Multistage Bin Tipper

Wyma’s Multistage Bin Tipper can reduce forklift movements to improve tipping cycle times.


Our Multistage Bin Tipper is great for reducing forklift movements which can improve tipping cycle times.

The tipping tray starts in its lowest position and a full bin is loaded onto the tray by forklift. The tipping tray rises, lifting the bin to the upper position. The tray tips backwards to empty produce into receiving equipment. The empty bin is then returned to the upper position where bin holder arms clamp it in place.

While the empty bin is held in the upper position, the tray returns to its lowest position so the next full bin can be loaded onto the tray by forklift. The empty bin can be removed from its upper position by the same forklift.


  • Reducing forklift movement and improve tipping cycle times
  • Efficient tipping

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