Roll‑back Bin Tipper

Wyma’s Roll-back Bin Tipper is designed for gentle produce handling.


Our Roll-back Bin Tipper is a corner pivot tipper designed for gentle, regulated produce tipping. It is usually sold with a conveyor or small hopper to receive tipped produce.

The conveyor or hopper is fitted with a sensor system to control tipping produce flow. This system is fully automated to minimise processing and/or bagging delays.

A bin is placed on the cradle platform. The tipping cycle is activated and the bin lifts slightly to clamp lightly against the roll-back lid. Hydraulic cylinders tip the secured bin to the full tip position. The lid partially opens to gently release produce. When the sensor (on the conveyor or hopper) senses produce, the lid stops opening until produce clears. This controls produce flow and prevents produce damage. When the bin is empty, it returns to the start position ready to be removed by forklift.

The Roll-back Bin Tipper is available with a side-ejection system. This means a forklift driver can place a new full bin in the bin cradle then remove the empty one, minimising forklift movements and improving tip cycle times.


  • Automated hydraulic bin clamp to secure the bin in position before its rotation and adjust to various bin heights
  • Custom frame heights to adequately integrate the bin tipper into new and existing processing lines
  • Durable and robust construction to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and of forklift knocks
  • Stainless steel construction in high wear areas
  • Roll back lid to discharge produce and to protect it against damage in the tipping cycle
  • Photoelectric sensor system to control product discharge onto conveyor
  • Fully automatic tipping cycle via electrical control panel or via remote control*
  • Long stroke cylinders allowing tipping through 140 degrees
  • Quick operation (as little as 25 seconds per bin, tipped and returned)
  • Side or top ejection system with support frame*
  • Siren and warning lights to enhance safety
  • Can handle multiple field / pack-house bin sizes


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