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Push‑out Bin Tipper

Wyma’s Push-out Bin Tippers provide the softest tip for produce and can be adjusted to suit your bin sizes.


Our range of Push-out Bin Tippers provide the softest tip for produce.

They are adjustable to suit different bin sizes.

A bin is loaded into the bin cradle and clamped against the lid. The cradle rotates the bin to the tip position. The bin is carried outwards slowly by the lid’s conveyor belt. As the bin moves, produce exits gently from the gap created between the cradle lid and the bin edge.

When the bin is empty, it moves back in line with the lid. The cradle then returns to the home position so the empty bin can be replaced by the next full bin.


  • Softest produce tipping
  • Suits different bin sizes
  • Efficient tipping

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