Electric Bin Tipper

Our new Electric Bin Tipper is an innovative design for effective produce tipping.


Wyma’s new Electric Bin Tipper is an innovative design for efficient tipping.

It can be adjusted to suit different bin sizes and it is electrically driven, so there is no risk of contaminants (i.e. hydraulic oil) leaking onto produce. With ever-tightening food saftey legislation, this makes the Electric Bin Tipper especially beneficial for the food processing industry.

The Electric Bin Tipper is cost effective because it has fewer sensors than other tippers which means it is cheaper and easier to install. Wyma conducted thorough tests and found that power consumption was 50% lower (on average) than hydraulic tippers. This means massive savings on running costs.

Bins are loaded into the cradle then clamped in place for rotating to the ‘tip position’.

Different options:

  • Fixed lid with partial door

The partial door opens to allow produce to exit at the lowest point of the bin, minimising produce drop.

  • Soft-tip lid with controlled retraction

More controlled produce discharge with extra gentle handling.

  • Super tip (no lid)

Fastest cycle time. Suitable for tipping directly into a Wet Hopper.

The Electric Bin Tipper offers power savings over traditional hydraulic tippers.


ABin cradle to suit your siteDesign can be adapted to match your bin sizes.
BPartial lid optionCan be combined with a Wyma Evenflow Hopper.
CCentral pivot pointCompact design, using less energy to tip.
DElectric driveUses less power and no risk of oil leakage on to produce.
Soft-tip lid option*Provides controlled produce delivery to the start of a line.
No-lid option (fastest tipping)*Can be combined with a Wet Hopper.
Double-tip actionMakes sure no produce is left behind.
Programmable velocity profileFastest possible cycle time while managing gentle handling requirements.
Compact, rugged designBuilt strong to last, with minimum footprint.
Minimal wear partsCheap and easy to maintain.
Bin cradle inserts availableCan accommodate a second, shorter bin, if you use two different bin sizes.

* Optional

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