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Travelling Tipper

Our Travelling Tipper receives bins from a storage system. It is automated to suit your needs.


Wyma’s Travelling Tipper receives bins from a storage system.

A bin is received into the bin cradle. The cradle moves horizontally along the tracks to line up with the relevant receiving hopper. The cradle then rotates and soft-tips produce into the Wet Hopper. When the bin is empty, the cradle relocates so it can receive the next full bin.

This process is automated and can be set to suit your needs.

The Travelling Tipper can tip into any number of Wet Hoppers. The receiving Wet Hoppers must be in a line and all be at the same height.


  • Receives bins from a storage system
  • Fully automated to suit your pack-house needs
  • Can tip bins into a number of Wet Hoppers

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