Burg POLSAP Bin Robot Waterunloader

Produce-friendly water unloading infeed for floating and nonfloating produce.


The POLSAP waterunloader infeed gently unloads floating and nonfloating fruits (such as apples and pears) from storage bins so produce can be feed into a (pre)grading system or packing line. Produce is unloaded in the dump tank by an integrated bin lift that clamps the full bin and gently submerges it in the dump tank. The fruits float out of the bin and are taken with the water current to the buffer channel.


• Fruit-friendly transfers
• Available in a wide range of capacities
• Suitable for different bin sizes
• Continuous produce flow
• Cleaning and polishing of produce
• Various types of drying systems
• Tanks, channels and drying system in stainless steel
• Several layout and configurations possible

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