• Electric Bin Tipper

    Electric Bin Tipper

    Wyma has designed a new robust and functional Electric Bin Tipper. The innovative design keeps food safety and cost efficiencies top of mind and retains the high quality Wyma is renowned for.

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  • Soft Tip Bin Tipper

    Soft Tip Bin Tipper

    The Wyma Soft Tip Bin Tipper is a corner pivot bin tipper that has been especially designed for gentle handling and controlled discharge of fresh produce onto a conveyor or small hopper.

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  • The Wyma Bin and Bag Tipper can unload large bags, bins and boxes.

    Bin and Bag Tipper

    The Wyma Bin and Bag Tipper provides growers and packers with a flexible and efficient discharge mechanism able to handle both bags and bins (or boxes). 

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  • The bin is loaded from the side and secured via a clamping mechanism

    Rotary Bin Tipper

    The Wyma Rotary Bin TIpper is custom designed to tip large bins that are up to 3700mm wide and weigh as much as 4.5T. 

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  • Super Tip Bin Tipper - Manual

    Super Tip Bin Tipper - Manual

    The Wyma Manual Tip Bin Tipper has been designed to tip field bins filled with potatoes, carrots or other vegetables and selected fruit into a wet or dry hopper.

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  • Super Tip Bin Tipper - Hydraulic

    Super Tip Bin Tipper - Hydraulic

    The Wyma Super Tip Bin Tipper is a single axis tipper that empties field bins of various sizes into a hopper or onto a conveyor.

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  • Tip-and-Stack Bin System

    Tip-and-Stack Bin System

    The Wyma Tip-and-Stack Bin System is used to receive, tip and re-stack three bins simultaneously

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