Waste Removal

  • Hedgehog


    The Wyma Horizontal Hedgehog removes dirt and roots from potatoes. The Wyma Top Remover Hedgehog removes carrot tops, soil and other debris from your line.

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  • Screen Piece Remover

    Screen Piece Remover

    The Wyma Screen Piece Remover removes broken pieces or produce, small stones, clods and other debris via a vibrating action, so that they are not transferred further down your processing line. It can handle dirty or clean produce.

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  • Vibrating Piece Remover

    Vibrating Piece Remover

    The Wyma Vibrating Piece Remover removes unwanted pieces of vegetables early in your processing line or prior to packaging.

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  • Star Roller Dirt Remover

    Star Roller Dirt Remover

    The Wyma Star Dirt Remover removes loose dirt, stones and vines from root vegetables in a continuous process.

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  • Sprout Remover

    Sprout Remover

    The Wyma Sprout Nip Remover comprises of a series of rollers with spray bars attached. This system allows a liquid sprout inhibitor to be applied to potatoes in a continuous process.

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  • Floating Debris Remover

    Floating Debris Remover

    The Wyma Floating Debris Remover removes buoyant and unwanted material from the Wyma Wet Hopper.

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  • Horizontal Hedgehog

    Horizontal Hedgehog

    The Wyma Horizontal Hedgehog removes vines, roots and other unwanted material from potatoes and round product.

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