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Wyma’s Bunker receives and stores produce for automatic, controlled delivery to your processing line.


Our Bunker is a dry hopper. It receives and stores produce for automatic, controlled delivery to your processing line. Each Bunker can hold up to 50t of produce with small amounts of dirt and clods. They can process up to 25t/hr.

This is a ‘first in, first served’ system. Produce at the bottom of the bunker is carried to the outfeed by conveyor. The tank is tall, to handle large amounts of produce and the floor is shaped like a V. When produce is in such large piles a V-shape floor and a produce-supporting ‘turkey roost’ regulate produce flow to the conveyor.

There are two types of Wyma Bunkers.

Fully closed Bunker: A large storage hopper with four walls. Multiple bunkers can be assembled in line to meet your needs. The infeed system will be designed to suit your exact needs. We have a lot of experience with these systems and will provide a solution to completely fill your hopper. Produce drop may be high, so we can provide options to minimise damage. A ‘turkey roost’ above the conveyor creates a gap so produce feed to the conveyor is gentle and constant.

Side-receiving Bunker: It has an open side so produce can be unloaded from a truck or other large unloading system. It has reduced capacity but still provides buffer storage.


  • Mild steel galvanised and painted or upgrade to durable 304 stainless steel construction*
  • Ribbed frame for strong holding capacity
  • Turkey roost to prevent weight accumulation on belt
  • Heavy duty conveyor belt running on a roller bed
  • Caged rear drum to prevent dirt accumulating on the conveyor belt*
  • Centralised greasing system*
  • Auger distributor with spiral movement to convey produce along length of hopper*
  • Option for single or multi stage soft drop system to minimise produce damage on loading

* Optional

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