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Wet Hopper Destoner

Wyma’s Wet Hopper Destoner allows produce to be quickly tipped into a water filled tank. It removes stones from produce flow.


Our Wet Hopper Destoner allows produce to be quickly tipped into a water filled tank without fear of damage. It removes stones and clods from produce flow. Incoming produce can be dirty, clean or semi-clean.

Produce travels along on a web conveyor toward an outfeed elevator. As it travels, fine sand and dirt fall through the web belt into collection hoppers in the base. Dump valves open regularly to clear debris build-up.

An air agitation system can be fitted so produce rubs gently against other produce, helping remove dirt.

An outfeed elevator lifts produce out of the water and delivers it to the next stage in your line. Spray bars can be fitted for a final rinse.

The stone removal system pumps water through the gap between the conveyor and elevator. Produce floats over the upward water flow but stones fall through the gap.

Stones are removed one of two ways:

Stone Elevator: Stones fall onto the stone elevator and are carried to waste bins to the side of the Wet Hopper Destoner. Stones are continuously being removed which is perfect if you have a large amount of stones coming in from the field.

Stone Lock: Stones fall through the gap into a holding chamber at the base of the hopper. The stone lock opens periodically to release stones and clods. This ‘open cycle’ is set to suit your exact needs.



  • Durable, robust design with stainless steel construction (except for base frame)
  • Air agitation for improved dirt removal while maintaining gentle vegetable washing*
  • Water spray bars to remove remaining solid and floating debris from vegetable before exiting hopper*
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance with access hatches
  • Gooseneck configuration on outfeed elevator for a gentle transition to downstream equipment in the processing line
  • Rubber coated web bars for gentle vegetable handling
  • Conveyor / outfeed elevator lifts out of the hopper to allow for easy cleaning, servicing and maintenance
  • Variable speed control of outfeed elevator*
  • Built-in self-cleaning bars to flush away hard to reach dirt and reduce cleaning and maintenance time and cost
  • Self-cleaning with soil collection hopper(s) and manual or automatic *discharge valve(s).
  • Out-feed sides of the Wet Hopper Destoner have a smooth curved shape allowing for an effective flow of produce onto the outfeed elevator.
  • Water jets placed at the back of the tank to assist with flow of floating produce along the tank*

* Optional

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