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Our Flumes are great for transporting produce over long distances and around corners. They are very low maintenance.


Our Flumes are a great option when you need to transport produce over long distances or around corners. They are very low maintenance and are a good choice when other conveyors cannot be used.

Wyma Flumes are a modular design and will be customised to suit your needs.

Water is pumped into the end of the entry well and produce is fed in from above. Flumes can carry produce to one or many destinations with flow dividers to control produce flow.

Produce may be dewatered prior to the next process, or in some cases fed directly into the next machine with Flume water.

Water can be managed in a closed loop with filter and recycling system or as part of whole line water management.

All types of fresh produce can be used.


A Deep well entry Soft fall entry point for produce to minimise risk of damage.
B Modular sections; straight and angled Flexible layout options, tailored to your needs.
C Produce flow divider* Gently split produce flow between two channels; all one way, all the other way or any combination between.
D Entry flap Stops produce falling back into water entry point if water flow is interrupted.
Partial or full dewatering prior to next stage* Doesn’t overwhelm your next piece of equipment with too much water.
Full stainless steel construction Durable and hard-wearing.
No moving parts on basic model (except pump) Very low maintenance.
Open / exposed surfaces with no sharp edges Very easy to clean. High hygiene standard.
Structural strength Can span large distances with minimal support. Reduces support structure needs.
Dewatering trace* Available in two sizes for partial or majority dewatering.
Partial dewatering is appropriate where downstream machine is capable of handling some water but not the full flume flow (i.e. Vege-Polisher).
Dewatering conveyor* For full dewatering before the next piece of equipment.
Custom length components* Available on request; may incur an extra cost.

* Optional

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