• Blue urethane drum

    Belt Conveyor

    Wyma Belt Conveyors are a gentle means to transport fresh produce and other materials.

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  • Web Conveyor

    Web Conveyor

    Wyma Web Conveyors are commonly used to transport fresh produce, or other material, that have a high level of dirt and clods. They are also used where the produce is wet.

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  • Roller Conveyor

    Roller Conveyor

    Wyma Roller Conveyors transport boxes, bins or crates from packing stations, rotary tables, crate fillers or weighing stations. Roller conveyors are typically used where cartons or crates are being manually or robotically stacked onto pallets.

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  • Flume Conveyor

    Flume Conveyor

    Wyma Flume Conveyors provide gentle transport for fresh produce in water. They offer efficient movement of fresh produce around corners and over long distances.

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