Zerella Fresh reinvests in Wyma

South Australia’s Zerella Fresh this month committed to expanding the capacity of their potato washing and grading line. Building on a long and successful relationship, Zerella Fresh has again chosen to reinvest with Wyma Solutions for their post-harvest needs.

Established by the Zerella family in 1936, the company was rebranded as Zerella Fresh in 2009 when ownership was fully transferred to the Pye Group. While passionate about the production of fresh produce, the Pye Group also operates a range of businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing communities with jobs, products and services in the agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

“Wyma has been supplying Zerella Fresh with post-harvest equipment and expertise for over two decades. It is a partnership built on mutual trust and a common purpose to consistently deliver the best produce possible, season after season. I look forward to once again working closely with the Zerella Fresh team and to see their new potato line up and running,” says Andrew Barclay, Managing Director, Wyma Solutions.

Zerella Fresh’s new potato washing and grading facility will feature Wyma’s proven washing and grading systems, as well as the latest in polishing and cooling technology. Wyma will complete the manufacture of the principal equipment in the coming months and expects the line’s commissioning will occur in mid-2021.

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