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Wyma’s new Electric Bin Tipper keeps food safety and cost effectiveness at the forefront

Wyma Electric bin tipperEngineer Matthias Kerkmann has designed a new robust and functional Electric Bin Tipper to add to Wyma’s already popular Bin Tipper range. The innovative design keeps food safety and cost efficiencies top of mind and retains the high quality Wyma is renowned for.

The Electric Bin Tipper is the ideal choice when faced with ever-tightening food safety legislation. It eliminates the risk of contaminants and is available as a stainless steel option. In comparison to a hydraulic bin tipper, there is no risk of hydraulic oil leaking onto produce. These features make the Electric Bin Tipper especially beneficial for the food processing industry.

The Electric Bin Tipper is cost effective due to its innovative design. In particular, the integrated inverter technology and position control. This means there are fewer sensors resulting in lower installation costs, due to the reduced wiring complexity.

Wyma has conducted thorough tests on the Electric Bin Tipper and based on a three minute cycle, power consumption is 50% lower compared to hydraulic tippers (on average). This provides a massive saving in running costs over the lifetime of the tipper.

A reduced number of wear parts also helps lower running costs, as less parts need to be replaced over the lifetime of the equipment.


The new Electric Bin Tipper has a range of lid options available:

  • Fixed lid with a partial door as standard;
  • Soft tip lid designed for gentle handling and controlled discharge of fresh produce; and
  • Super tip which is great for tipping directly into a Wet Hopper.

The Electric Bin Tipper is customisable to suit your bin size requirements. The tipper can be manufactured to accommodate a wide variety of bin sizes and shapes making it suitable for multiple markets.

Wyma has already developed Electric Bin Tippers for a specific customer who required two different bin sizes to be accepted into their tippers. Wyma developed a unique solution for them which allowed them to use a single tipper for various sized bins improving the overall efficiency of their business.

The Electric Bin Tipper can feed into a wide array of other equipment. One option, the Wyma Evenflow Hopper works especially well with the Electric Bin Tipper as the tipper has been specifically designed so they integrate seamlessly. The Evenflow Hopper is unique in that it can operate as a conventional conveyor but also as a small hopper.

Wyma’s high quality has been retained ensuring the durability and longevity of the Electric Bin Tipper.

Electric Bin Tipper Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for the processing industry as there is no risk of hydraulic oil contamination and there is a fully stainless steel option available;
  • Power consumption reduced by 50% based on a three minute cycle compared to a hydraulic tipper (on average);
  • Fewer sensors mean reduced wiring complexity (this also reduces the cost of installation);
  • Reduced number of wear parts meaning lower replacement part costs;
  • Programmable velocity profile allowing for increased control over the equipment;
  • Selectable “Double tip” feature;
  • Integrated inverter technology and position control;
  • Flexibility to integrate with Wyma equipment or as a standalone piece of equipment;
  • A variety of lid options to suit your requirements;
  • Can be manufactured to suit a range of bin sizes which makes it suitable for all markets;
  • A single tipper can be designed to accommodate various bin sizes if needed;
  • Suitable for a variety of produce;
  • All components and parts manufactured and designed with longevity and quality in mind.

Site Requirements:

  • Power: EU 400V / 50Hz / 9A or US 480V / 60HZ / 7.8A
  • Compressed Air: @ 7 bar
  • Air Consumption: per tipper with fixed lid with partial door (standard): 205dm3 per tipping cycle
  • Air Flow: 1900dm3 @ 7 bar
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