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Wyma UK recognises the importance of dedicated service

Wyma UK Long Service


This week Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma UK, proudly presented two of our Wyma UK service technicians, Martin Ward and Paul Hutley, with awards for their dedicated long service.  

With over 55 years of combined industry experience Paul and Martin have seen Wyma’s equipment evolve and develop, from the original Wyma Vege-Polisher™ through to today’s sophisticated and automated total line solutions. 

“I am thrilled to recognise Paul and Martin’s long service,” says Jason. “They have massively contributed to the sustained period of growth Wyma UK has been experiencing over the last couple of years. They were also significantly involved in relocating Wyma UK to our new premises at Snetterton Business Park.”   

“With such dedicated staff, and our larger facilities in Norfolk, Wyma UK is well positioned to continue to support the needs of our customers as they grow and adapt to meet the future’s technological and market conditions.”  


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