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Why standards matter for post-harvest operations

wyma maria tiedeWe don’t always know what we don’t know. This is the fundamental reason why standards exist, especially for the development of heavy machinery such as that used in post-harvest operations.

Over time, technology evolves and industries learn from earlier design shortcomings. Safety regulations have also been progressively introduced and then tightened as economies develop and labour and health and safety requirements change. As designers, engineers and manufacturers, it’s our obligation to apply these regulations – and lessons learned – to make our workplaces safer.

While legislation requires us to pause and review each machine we make, at Wyma we are passionate about not simply following the basic rules and standards of our industry. We strive every day to design machines and solutions that are not only safe to use but are efficient and practical to operate and maintain. We constantly question whether they pose any hazard to the people who install, use and maintain them.

Our team knows that doing the right thing matters and that applying standards is the absolute minimum requirement for a safe and functional design. We do our utmost to design out known risks and make our machinery inherently safer before it even reaches the customer’s site. It’s our responsibility to not pass on dangers for someone else to resolve, because that someone may fail to recognise a hazard until too late.

Wyma machinery is big, complex and often driven by powerful motors designed to move serious produce loads. When we mark our machines to say they meet safety standards – be that CE, UKCA or AS – we are declaring they meet current regulations for safety. Our customers trust us to deliver safe equipment and we take that responsibility seriously.

Maria Tiede, Internal Projects & Compliance Manager

Maria has been with Wyma for eight years. She is responsible for all regulatory and compliance requirements as well as internal process improvement.

To learn more about Wyma’s approach to safety or how we may help you develop your line solution, contact your regional Wyma representative.

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