What is the Wyma Difference?

wyma v4 vege-polisher installation

Here at Wyma, we work closely with growers across the globe to deliver the best equipment and solutions. Just as they are constantly looking for ways to get more from their harvest, we are always refining the way we work to better meet the industry’s evolving needs. We like to think of it as the Wyma Difference.

A matter of process

We spend a lot of time looking at the requirements for each produce variety, environment and soil conditions. This translates into improved equipment designs as well as process improvements in engineering, manufacturing and project management. A critical part of these improvements is our collaborative design process that involves all parts of the company. Dedicated product teams bring together groups of people from across Wyma – designers and project managers, fabrication and assembly, and install and commissioning teams – to manage each piece of equipment.

We also have a system in place that drives continuous improvement on existing products, which we call the Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) system. Anyone within the company can put forward ideas that will improve a product; that could be the design, the function or how we make it. From an initial idea right through to shipping and after-sales service, this collaborative spirit is what we believe sets us apart.

Flexible design, efficient manufacturing

Decades of experience have taught us that no two processing sites are alike, and we bring that experience into all of our product development. Whether we’re iterating on an existing equipment range or developing a new one, our design methods are set up to support high levels of customization. While we have standard production models available, being flexible enough to produce a solution for any customer site is ingrained into our processes right from the get-go.

We’re not restricted to fixed sizes of equipment and all of our modelling and design can be adjusted to meet the client’s needs. Our customers are heavily involved in their solutions throughout the development process, bringing their experience and knowledge of their own unique needs which we can incorporate into designs.

Our design and manufacturing teams also work very closely with one another, allowing almost instant feedback and an ability to develop and produce prototypes very quickly. After being drawn up by an engineer, designs are sent through to our laser cutting and folding team automatically, so custom designs are just as efficient as standard production. Everything we do in the machine shop is programmed by our CAD/CAM software to improve efficiency further with minimal room for error.

Season after season

The post-harvest industry, like the food growing industry that it services, is very competitive. To help our customers get the best from every harvest, our efficient, effective design and manufacturing processes help us to deliver equipment that fits any workflow, location or produce type. We are proud of our work and prouder still of the performance of Wyma’s equipment, known for its robust construction, long service life and low maintenance requirements. Our commitment to innovation and refinement is all to ensure we are delivering solutions that add value to our customers’ outcomes, and we go the extra mile during and after commissioning to achieve this.

The Wyma Difference begins with a thorough understanding of your requirements, and can be seen in your bottom-line season after season.

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