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Water treatment systems for packhouses and food plants now part of Wyma’s offering

A new partnership agreement means Wyma is now the preferred supplier for VAM Watertech water treatment and recycling systems in Australia and New Zealand.


VAM Watertech has developed a range of water recycling and treatment systems dedicated to the agricultural and food industries. These complete systems comprise of rotary filter screens, sand cyclones, lamella separators, belt press, ozone, UV and reverse osmosis units. They are tailored to operating conditions and water quality, and allow up to 95% of the water to be re-used with close to 100% purity in the treated water. The majority of the waste, in the form of sand and sludge, is easily disposable.


If you would like to reduce your water usage and costs, improve the environmental sustainability of your business and gain control over a key aspect of your operations, please read more about these treatment systems here or contact Ian Serra, Wyma’s water treatment specialist, on +61 476 001 080 or

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