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Save 20% on eWon Remote Access Devices – offer extended until 31 January 2018

Using an eWon remote access device will save you time and money. Wherever you are in the world, Wyma staff will be able to access your equipment and help with faults and running issues.

What is an eWon Remote Access Device?

A remote access device is a small VPN (Virtual Private Network) installed in your equipment control panel. It allows full remote PLC control for easy, off-site troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Why should you use one?

  • Fast troubleshooting: With off-site access to your equipment’s control system, our experienced engineers can quickly find and solve automation issues. An estimated 60 – 70% of operating problems can be solved remotely without the need to wait for a technician to visit you or spending hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot.
  • First-visit fix: If an in-person service is needed, remote access means the right person, with the right parts and the right tools comes to you, increasing the chance of a ‘first-visit fix’.
  • Reduced service costs and downtime: When issues are solved quickly it reduces service costs and means a faster return to production.
  • PLC updates: Your PLC can be updated remotely when new software is released.
  • Easy installation: The eWon is quick and easy to install. Wyma will provide simple step by step instructions.

Wyma customers all over the world are already using eWon devices and are experiencing these benefits first-hand.

Order an eWon Remote Access Device from Wyma before 31 January 2018 and get 20% off the standard sell price with one hour of technical support included*.

Contact Wyma to find out more or to place your order.

Click here to contact Wyma New Zealand

Click here to contact Wyma Europe

*After the first hour of technical support, Wyma’s standard support service charges apply.

Note: eWon supported by CP1, CJ2 and NJ series PLCs. You will need a stable broadband connection with a minimum 1MB upload/download speed.

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