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Reduce water usage with Wyma’s Rotary Screen Filter

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, Wyma has a range of equipment to help reduce water usage.

Our Rotary Screen Filter is a compact and cost effective first-stage water treatment solution. It removes vegetable matter and debris from water so the water can be reused.

It can also help reduce waste disposal costs. When water is removed from waste, it weighs less, which often makes it cheaper to dispose of.

How it works:

Dirty water is fed into a rotating drum via an infeed pipe or flume. The wedge wire drum allows water to pass through and be collected in a catchment tray or tank. Debris stays inside the drum and is carried to the waste chute by internal flights.

A cleaning bar sprays water on the outside of the drum to dislodge waste and prevent it from clogging the screen.

To find out more about our Rotary Screen Filter, download the Product Information document here.


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