People of Wyma: Danny Burns

wyma danny burns

The Wyma management team has expanded with the appointment of Danny Burns as our new Global After Sales Manager. Danny joins the Wyma team with extensive food processing, engineering and after-sales experience. He will be responsible for customer care, service and support following the commissioning of equipment and post-harvest lines.

In addition to his career experience, Danny comes to us from a somewhat familiar background.

“I actually grew up on a market garden just north of Christchurch, my family grew onions, potatoes and pumpkins and all those sorts of things. Nothing to the scale of what many of Wyma’s customers do, but I got a lot of exposure to vegetable growing as a child and always had an interest.”

After studying engineering at university, Danny found himself at a large local manufacturer where he would develop his career over the next two decades. As that business grew, so too did Danny’s opportunities, including building an after-sales team that serviced customers in markets across the globe.

“A large percentage of what we manufactured was for offshore markets, not dissimilar to Wyma’s operations. That gave me a great insight into how the business worked overseas and an understanding of how effective after-sales support can be even in locations far from the factory.”

When the time came for Danny to look for his next challenge, he was keen to find something that satisfied two of his main interests.

“I’m a huge proponent of NZ design and manufacturing being recognized on the world stage. When I saw the opportunity to come to Wyma that was one of the things that stood out to me, it’s regarded as the best in the world and a benchmark for the industry.”

“I come from a background of mass manufacture, we’d make 800-900 units a week, standard models all following a certain formula. At Wyma everything is bespoke, which throws up a whole new set of challenges but it’s a great thing for the customer because they can get exactly what they need.”

“I’m also genuinely passionate about identifying opportunities to add value to customers through strong after-sales support. Wyma’s equipment often operates in very challenging conditions at the front (dirty) end of packhouses, so being able to effectively plan and prepare for wear and maintenance is extremely important.

Our aim is to help our customers avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs by pre-empting issues and through comprehensive training and support.  Danny is excited to help optimize both Wyma and customer systems for planning and managing maintenance, and looking forward to the challenges of his new role.

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