Mega-Polisher success continues with leading carrot packhouses



Two Wyma Mega-Polishers have been recently installed in a leading Australian pack-house in Queensland and two are being manufactured for customers in Western and South Australia. Since its introduction, the Mega-Polisher appears to have set the standards for the washing and polishing of carrots. Large growers and packers in Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe have been quick to adopt the large capacity machine.


Customers say they appreciate the optimum polishing, efficient and gentle produce flow, flexibility and low maintenance of the Wyma Mega-Polisher. Some growers have even reported gaining a significant competitive edge with their buyers, particularly with large supermarket chains.

The success of the Wyma Mega-Polisher demonstrates that Wyma’s experience in washing and polishing of carrots cannot be matched.

Read a case study of a customer operating a Mega-Polisher in Australia


Read a case study of a customer operating a Mega-Polisher in Germany




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