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Meet our new Doosan CNC lathe

wyma doosan lathe

The spirit of innovation and improvement is a hallmark of the culture at Wyma. We’re always looking for ways to do what we do more efficiently, more sustainably and more rapidly. So when we took delivery of a brand new Doosan CNC lathe, it’s fair to say many of our manufacturing staff members were rubbing their hands together. 

With the introduction of the new lathe, the goal is to make our machine shop more efficient and reduce the need for outsourcing some of the components that go into our equipment. This investment represents our commitment to process improvement, allowing us to ensure quality, speed up our manufacturing and continue to deliver the best solutions possible.


The multi-axis turning center of the new CNC lathe utilizes multiple features to provide state-of-the-art CNC machining capability. We now have the combined capability to turn and mill complex components in one operation, avoiding multiple machine setups and cutting component manufacturing time and cost.

By reducing our reliance on outsourced machined components, we’re improving our overall efficiency. Components we previously sourced internationally can now be manufactured in house, minimizing any delays due to shipping and allowing us to be more agile and responsive. Our new lathe also has increased capacity over our older machine so we can turn larger diameters more efficiently and reduce cycle times, thanks to higher spindle speed. Lastly, the user-friendly control panel makes the machine well suited for a range of parts from simple one-offs to complex parts and high-volume production.

We’re excited about the possibilities our new CNC lathe opens up, and have no doubt our increased efficiency will soon yield benefits for your equipment.


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