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Interview with Volm Engineered Solutions Team

Name: Matt Alexander
Role: Business Development and Marketing Manager
Wyma dealer since: 2006
Location: Antigo, WI (Headquarters)
Territories: North America
Main phone number: +1 647 201 1779


Could you give us a little bit of background about your company?

It all started in 1954 as a small family operation owned by Gerald Volm in Bryant, Wisconsin. From a local supplier of used and new hessian (woven fabric) bags, the company formed distributor relationships with other bag companies and moved its growing business to Antigo, Wisconsin where it began manufacturing its own bags to meet changing market needs. The company has since expanded to include multiple manufacturing and distribution locations across the nation. Volm also invested in a packaging manufacturing business and partnered with several equipment suppliers, such as Wyma, to be able to provide complete solutions for growers, packers and processors. Volm has grown to become one of Wisconsin’s Top 75 privately held companies, and continues to follow Gerald Volm’s example by serving customers the high value solutions they need, with the personalised customer service they deserve.


How did Volm become a Wyma dealer?

When selecting which suppliers to represent in North America, Volm aims to ensure suppliers share identical core values which include: best-in-class quality and service, innovative and differentiated products, and a willingness to work as a team to help provide customers with the right solution. These are some of the reasons which led to Volm becoming a Wyma dealer in North America.


What does the Wyma brand mean to Volm and their customers?

The Wyma brand in North America is associated with superior quality, engineering and service. Volm customers have grown to expect only the best, whether it is Volm’s own self-manufactured Volmpack weighers and baggers or the equipment of the suppliers it represents.


What was your most exciting moment as a Wyma distributor?

Last year ranked high on the ladder, since Volm reached its highest level to date in terms of Wyma sales in North America. Our top Wyma performing sales professional also won a sales contest which allowed him and his family to visit New Zealand.


What does the future hold for Volm?

As Volm continues to make strategic investments in North America to strengthen its core fresh produce business, the future is bright and full of opportunities. Customers can expect to see a constant stream of innovative packaging and handling equipment solutions from their trusted long term partner who understands the fresh produce supply chain from packing facility to market shelf.

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