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Interview with BWL Maskin – Wyma Dealer in Norway

bwl-maskin-logoName:                             Ivar Holtet
Company name:           BWL Maskin
Wyma dealer since:      2014
Location:                         Hagan, Norway
Territories:                       Norway
Main phone number:   +47 67 07 37 00

Could you give us a little bit of background about your company?
BWL Maskin provides processing, weighing and packaging equipment in Norway. We specialise in the meat, fish and poultry sectors but also supply the fruit and vegetable, ready meals and bakery sectors. The company was founded in 1951 by Bjørn Welin Larsen. His son Per Welin Larsen took over in 1982.


How did BWL Maskin become a Wyma dealer?
We have only recently entered the fruit and vegetable handling and processing sector. As part of the process, we started researching this industry both on the internet and via discussions with our potential new customers. We concluded that Wyma was the equipment leader in this industry and we decided to approach the company and assess the possibilities for cooperation.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
In general, I would say the excitement of having so many opportunities ahead. After looking deeper into the fruit and vegetable equipment sector, we realised that the market potential is larger than we expected, and the possibilities seem to be huge.

On a day-to-day basis, the enjoyment comes with dealing with customers, colleagues and suppliers. If we meet the customer with enthusiasm, knowledge, honesty and integrity, we will be successful in the market.


What does the Wyma brand mean to BWL Maskin and their customers?
It was very important for us to grow our portfolio of equipment. Customers have been pleased with this addition to our equipment range and have shown strong interest in the handling equipment offered by Wyma. One of their key criteria is to have a reliable and fast service and support, which BWL can provide.Through dealing with Wyma, BWL has also increased their own technical knowledge of the pack-house and processing equipment, and this has been a welcome improvement with our customers in the ready-meal market.


What does the future hold for BWL Maskin?
Historically, we have been a supplier for the meat, fish and poultry part of the food industry. However, health trends and a reduced meat consumption have encouraged us to look for alternative industries to supply and service. Entering the fruit and vegetable handling and processing sector has definitely put the business on the right track. I believe that BWL Maskin will grow, and this is possible thanks to the new cooperation with Wyma.

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