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How to keep your Wyma Electrical Cabinet in good condition

Looking after your Wyma Electrical Control Cabinet can help extend the life of internal parts.

Most work on your electrical panel MUST be completed by a qualified electrician but there are a few things you can do to help keep the cabinet clean and dry.

Clean Fan & Grill Filters

The fan and grill help to stop your cabinet from overheating. If the filters get dirty, they will not work efficiently. Clean the filters at least once every three months:

  1. Lock off the cabinet isolator.
  2. Remove the front faces from the fan and grill.
  3. Remove the filters and clean thoroughly using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.
  4. With the filters removed, clean the fan and grill.
  5. Put the filters back.
  6. Close the front faces.

Check Glands are Tight

There is a row of glands along the bottom of your cabinet where cables enter the cabinet. If they are loose, they can let dust and/or moisture into the cabinet.

  1. Lock off the cabinet isolator.
  2. Use a spanner to tighten each gland slightly more than finger-tight.

 Doing these simple things will help keep your cabinet in good condition. Regularly check inside the panel for dust and moisture. If the panel looks unclean, contact a qualified electrician to service the cabinet.

For more information, contact Wyma.

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