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Get the best from your equipment

Well designed and maintained equipment is critical to ensuring the quality and throughput of any post-harvest line. Wyma’s philosophy is always to design and manufacture equipment that is fit for purpose, robust and that performs season after season.

Why choose Wyma Genuine?

Wyma equipment is designed and manufactured by our team with the best components available. While we make many components ourselves, some are sourced from suppliers we trust. All are rigorously tested to ensure maximum durability and effective integration. We do this to ensure the highest quality for all of the equipment, and Wyma Genuine parts, we supply.

The risk of generic and aftermarket parts

Some components in a piece of Wyma equipment (such as bearings, seals or belts) may be available from a generic or aftermarket supplier. At first inspection such parts may even appear to be similar to Wyma Genuine, however looks can be deceiving. In some cases, generic or aftermarket parts may even fit our equipment and allow it to function normally. Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way that such generic parts and components, while sometimes cheaper, do not perform and can lead to costly breakdowns and loss of productivity.

Maximize your productivity and ROI

When you exclusively use Wyma Genuine, you can operate your equipment with confidence knowing that each element has been tested and rated for service in your machine. Your investment in a post-harvest line is significant, you should expect it to perform. At Wyma we are proud of our equipment’s reliability and endurance. By using Wyma Genuine parts you will need to service less often and can expect fewer mechanical issues than if you use generic or aftermarket components. Why risk your investment, your productivity or letting your customers down?

Wyma is committed to getting the best from every harvest, speak to our After Sales team today and ask about how Wyma Genuine parts can support your operations.

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