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Fruit Logistica the right fit for Wyma’s new product release

Fruit Logistica 2015 was the ideal tradeshow for Wyma to release the latest version of their flagship product, the Vege-Polisher™. The show, held on 3-5 February 2015 in Berlin, attracted key decision makers including growers and pack-house owners, senior managers and production engineers. Wyma’s fresh stand design along with regular product demonstrations meant their sales team was busy throughout the three-day show.

The new Wyma Vege-Polisher™ underwent a redesign in 2014 after feedback from customers highlighted the pressures they are under with regards to pack-house and equipment hygiene, rising labour costs and water management. Customers were impressed with the new horizontal door system allowing ease of access for cleaning and quick inspection. The isolated wash zone was a popular feature due to its intent to prolong the life of wearable parts in the drive zone by keeping this area free of water and debris. Customers were also intrigued by the smart, new automation system which was controlled via an iPad during demonstrations on the stand.

The overall design was referred to as ‘futuristic,’ ‘transformer like’ and ‘something from Iron Man.’ One visitor referred to the new machine saying ‘you can just tell by looking at it, that it’s quality,’ while another said ‘it ticks all the boxes.’

While the Vege-Polisher™ was initially the main attraction, sales conversations with visitors naturally developed to their full line requirements. Customers were keen to discuss developing their entire pack-house lines including integrated control systems, full washing lines, conveyors, water recycling and waste removal solutions. Hygiene and automation were common factors in all discussions.

Sales inquiries were up from last year in a number of countries including, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Russia. The Wyma stand was predominantly approached by potato and carrot growers and processors. However there was a noticeable amount of pumpkin handling enquiries this year.

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