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Moving from reactive to preventative maintenance

Investing in pack-house equipment usually means a notable cash outlay for any grower, packer or processor. Making the effort to look after your equipment with regular care and maintenance will extend the life of your investment, saving you time and

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Wyma Solutions is attending Hort Connections 2021

Hort Connections 2021 is back and Wyma are looking forward to seeing you there! This year Hort Connections will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 June with the conference theme of "Celebrating the international year
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wyma maria tiede

Why standards matter for post-harvest operations

We don’t always know what we don’t know. This is the fundamental reason why standards exist, especially for the development of heavy machinery such as that used in post-harvest operations. Over time, technology evolves and industries learn from earlier design

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Engineer Q&A: Potato Bruising / Gentle Handling

Following on from our guide How to reduce the impact of potato bruising on your profitability, we caught up with Leighton Hill, Solution Engineer, to answer some of your questions about gentle handling, why some fertilizers increase the likelihood of

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Storage bunkers for vegetables

Hoppers, bunkers, bins and boxes

The post-harvest industry, like many others, is full of jargon and terminology. What one person views as a ‘hopper,’ another may call a ‘feeder,’ ‘tank’ or ‘bunker’! Accurate terms and names matter. They reduce confusion, allow for mutual understanding and
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Engineer Q&A: Keeping carrots fresh

Following on from our Are you getting the best out of your carrots? guide, we caught up with Hugh Paterson, a Solution Engineer in our Project Delivery Team, to answer some of your questions about carrot silvering, moisture loss in

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Zerella Fresh reinvests in Wyma

South Australia’s Zerella Fresh this month committed to expanding the capacity of their potato washing and grading line. Building on a long and successful relationship, Zerella Fresh has again chosen to reinvest with Wyma Solutions for their post-harvest needs. Established

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Center West Exports selects Wyma

Western Australia’s Center West Exports has this month selected Wyma Solutions to expand their post-harvest carrot line. Recognising a need for greater throughput while maintaining the quality of their produce, Center West Exports engaged Wyma to develop a solution to

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bjorn peters wyma

People of Wyma: Björn Peters

As Wyma’s European Sales Manager, Björn Peters has led the sales team across Europe and the UK for two years. With a strong background of senior sales and account management roles spanning over 21 years, Björn’s sound knowledge of the

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Stainless steel material of choice

Stainless steel: The material of choice

At Wyma we recognize the unique benefits of stainless steel. Its immediate appeal to the post-harvest industry is its corrosion resistance and hygienic properties, critical for a sector under increasing pressure for food safety compliance. Stainless steel is the obvious

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wyma danny burns

People of Wyma: Danny Burns

The Wyma management team has expanded with the appointment of Danny Burns as our new Global After Sales Manager. Danny joins the Wyma team with extensive food processing, engineering and after-sales experience. His key focus will be ensuring the provision

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Power consumption matters

At Wyma Solutions, our engineering and installation teams work tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the best from every harvest. This dedication extends beyond produce handling to encompass all aspects of post-harvest operations; from preserving freshness and preventing bruising

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wyma v4 vege-polisher installation

What is the Wyma Difference?

Here at Wyma, we work closely with growers across the globe to deliver the best equipment and solutions. Just as they are constantly looking for ways to get more from their harvest, we are always refining the way we work

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blake newell wyma solutions after sales coordinator

People of Wyma: Blake Newell

Building strong relationships with our customers is a fundamental part of working at Wyma, and that extends well beyond the initial design and delivery of equipment. Our After Sales and Spare Parts team are often the flagbearers of those relationships,

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Get the best from your equipment

Well designed and maintained equipment is critical to ensuring the quality and throughput of any post-harvest line. Wyma’s philosophy is always to design and manufacture equipment that is fit for purpose, robust and that performs season after season. Why choose

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Wyma welding

People of Wyma: Jennifer Fretwell

The people at Wyma make up a very diverse bunch, and few people embody that better then Jennifer Fretwell, one of our fabricators and resident health and safety guru. We spoke with Jen about how she found herself as a

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Jadon Naidoo, Wyma Spare Parts Coordinator

Sustainability at Wyma means thinking outside the box

Every year, the need to transition towards sustainable practices becomes more urgent. Wyma equipment is built to help producers reduce wastage in the processing line, yet we’re also always trying to improve the waste footprint at our own site. One

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Apples in a flume.

Wyma partnerships ready to bear fruit

Wyma Solutions, based in Christchurch, is a globally recognized solution provider for root vegetable packing facilities. Our reputation for innovative, customized and robust post-harvest vegetable processing solutions has been well established for many years, and we have partnerships with several

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Consistency is key to the marketability of your produce

Accurate sizing and handling are central to maintaining the quality and marketability of your produce. For carrots, potatoes and onions, sizing is especially important. With their non-uniform shape and variable textures, sizing root vegetables accurately and cost-effectively can be a

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Continuous innovation at heart of Kalfresh’s success

Kalfresh Vegetables began as a small, family-owned business in Queensland, Australia. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar produce business that has a winning philosophy: “Innovate to keep growing.” It was with this in mind that Kalfresh has continued to expand and

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Flat Bed Brusher close up

Create an effective preventative maintenance schedule

The value of preventative maintenance is undeniable. It costs far less than reactive maintenance (up to 80% less). Keep things running smoothly and save costly downtime by creating a preventative maintenance schedule. Create your schedule using this simple guide: What needs

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Flumes offer flexibility and gentle handling

Gentle handling is important for fresh produce. From harvesting to processing, storage to delivery, each step is important. Flumes gently transport all types of fresh produce between stages in your line. They work well over long distances and around corners.

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Want to avoid potato bruising and increase profit?

Potato bruising is a serious problem that costs growers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of potato bruising; from before planting to produce storage. Wyma’s ‘how to’ guide covers:

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Reduce water usage with Wyma’s Rotary Screen Filter

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, Wyma has a range of equipment to help reduce water usage. Our Rotary Screen Filter is a compact and cost effective first-stage water treatment solution. It removes vegetable matter and debris from

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Don’t let stones damage your profits

Wyma’s Flume Destoner is a great choice when you need to remove stones from your produce flow. Removing stones early in your line minimises damage to produce and other equipment in your line. Wyma’s Flume Destoner works by using the

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Why buy Wyma genuine spare parts?

For the lowest total running cost of your equipment it is important to use Wyma Genuine spare parts. Many parts used on Wyma equipment have custom specifications that may not be obvious, but have a huge effect on durability and

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Is your pack-house water efficient?

Water is a precious resource. In order to ensure that generations to come still have access to it like we do today, it is essential that we all do our part to conserve water. The UN has predicted that if

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Is your conveyor tracking correctly?

Over the years, Wyma have produced thousands of conveyors and elevators, so we understand how important correct belt tracking is. Incorrect tracking will damage your belt and side foldings. It also places stress on other parts, making them wear quickly.

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