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Why buy Wyma genuine spare parts?

For the lowest total running cost of your equipment it is important to use Wyma Genuine spare parts.

Many parts used on Wyma equipment have custom specifications that may not be obvious, but have a huge effect on durability and performance. For example:

  • Bearings: All bearings used by Wyma are world-class. They are purchased directly from trusted suppliers to ensure high quality and consistency. We have grease pac
    ked bearings with various specifications to suit the application. Some are custom-made for Wyma, meaning they perform better than off-the-shelf replacements.
  • Brushes: For increased brush life, we always use high quality nylon and polyethene brushes with accurate trim size and consistency. Tuft diameters are larger than non-Wyma brushes and tufts are held in place with leading technology.
  • Transmission Belts: In our range we have belts that are specifically made for our applications (corded, fibreglass, aramid, formulated nylon, etc). Tolerances are often unique to Wyma for optimal performance. Off-the-shelf replacements may not perform as well.
  • Geared Motors: We calculate exact motor requirements for each piece of equipment and supply the correct motor to suit each application. Specific variations include extended shafts, brake units and reinforced bearings.
  • Conveyor Belts: Every belt is selected by our product specialists to suit its exact application. Precise calculations mean that all belts are manufactured with special tolerances for correct tracking and operation.

Our parts are manufactured to exact specifications so that all components work correctly with each other. When you exclusively use Wyma Genuine spare parts, your equipment performs at its best and total cost of ownership is reduced.

To find out more about Wyma Genuine spare parts, contact the team today.

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