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A 5-minute talk with Jon Weening, Director of Weening Brothers Manufacturing and Wyma dealer in Canada and South America

: Jon Weening

Company name: Weening Brothers Manufacturing
Wyma dealer since: 2006
Location: Bradford, Ontario, Canada
Territories: Ontario, Manitoba, South America
Main phone number: +1 905 775 3839

Could you give us a little bit of background about your company?


Brothers Fred and Ron Weening started Weening Brothers Manufacturing [WBM] in 1986. Working for Hillside Gardens, the two brothers often fabricated custom equipment specifically for Hillside’s own farming and packing operation. They eventually decided to start their own business designing and manufacturing field and packing equipment to serve the Bradford area. Soon, the company supplied equipment through Ontario and Manitoba, and later expanded into other markets across Canada and the USA.


In 2007, WBM appointed Yosef Spinoza to develop the Latin American market for both Wyma and WBM’s extensive product range. That strategic decision has provided exceptional results with equipment supplied in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico.


Today the Wyma brand represents approximately 30% of our overall sales, and that percentage continues to grow each year!


How did WBM become a Wyma dealer?


In 2004, Hillside Gardens ordered the first Wyma Vege-Polisher™ in the Ontario area. Within a couple of years, several Wyma Vege-Polishers had made their way into the local market as chain stores demanded the new “polished” quality carrots that Hillside was providing with their new Wyma Vege-Polisher™.


In 2006, WBM began talks to represent Wyma in Ontario and to providing existing customers with local sales and service support for their new Wyma equipment. I must admit we initially thought that most customers in Ontario and Mannitoba already had a Wyma Vege-Polisher™. We were quickly proven wrong and demand kept growing. We have since supplied 50 Wyma Vege-Polishers along with other Wyma equipment including some complete lines in Canada, USA , Mexico and several other Latin American countries.


What does the Wyma brand mean to you and your customers?


The Wyma brand is well known for quality and innovation by both WBM and its North and South American customers.  As a distributor, it is easier to sell a product that you and your customers believe in. Customers keep coming back.


What was your most exciting moment as a Wyma distributor?


There have been several, but the one that stands out most recently was supplying our first Wyma line in the Dominican Republic. It is a great place to visit customers.


What does the future hold for you?


WBM looks forward to continuing to provide quality Wyma solutions to both local and international customers for years to come. We have developed a great relationship over the past eight years. We simply enjoy working with the Wyma team.

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