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5 tips for extending the life of your Vege Polisher™ brushes

Extend the life of your Wyma Vege-Polisher™ brushes by taking time to look after them properly. With regular care and maintenance, you will save time and money.

1. Reverse Vege-Polisher™ Direction 

A key feature of the Wyma Vege-Polisher™ is the ability to reverse the direction of the drum and brush motors so the machine runs in the opposite direction. Reversing the machine regularly is the best way to extend brush life.

Over time, the brushes will bend in the direction of produce flow. When you reverse the machine, this will be counteracted as the produce flow changes direction.

Wyma recommends changing machine direction every three months (once per season).

2. Set Your Outfeed Gate Correctly

The position of your outfeed gate directly affects how long produce stays inside the drum. When produce stays in the drum for a length of time, the weight of the produce can cause brushes to splay and warp.

Make sure the position of the outfeed gate is set so produce is not in the drum for longer than needed. See your Vege-Polisher User Manual for specific information on gate setting.

Note: When you reverse the running direction of the machine, the gate position will need to be mirrored.

3. Keep Brushes Clean

Thoroughly clean your equipment every day. Spend time focussing on getting the brushes clean. Dirt build-up causes brushes to wear quickly. When brushes are clean, they are more effective at polishing produce. Clean equipment is also safer and easier to inspect.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

Using harsh chemicals can affect the shape and effectiveness of your brushes. Harsh chemicals will make the brushes wear quicker.

5. Use Cool Water for Cleaning

Always use cold or lukewarm water when cleaning your brushes. Hot water makes brushes soften and they may lose their shape.

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