Horizontal Hedgehog

Wyma’s Horizontal Hedgehog removes dirt, roots and debris from potatoes.



Our Horizontal Hedgehog removes dirt, roots and other debris from potatoes.

It has a pintle belt with long rubber fingers. Potatoes and debris are fed onto the belt. Potatoes are carried forward and directed to the outfeed chute by the powered sweep. Debris falls through the fingers to the base of the belt. It is carried under the sweep to the end of the machine where it falls onto a conveyor for disposal.

You can adjust the gap between the powered sweep roller and the belt to control the size of the debris that will be removed from produce flow.

The powered sweep roller has a weight balancing mechanism to prevent the roller from applying too much pressure on the belt. This prevents debris from getting lodged in the belt.



  • Adjustable gap height between top of the belt and powered roller to adapt to size of unwanted material
  • High quality pintle belt with continuous profile
  • Weight balancing mechanism to control weight of the roller on the belt

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