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  • The Wyma Hedgehog removes carrot tops, leaves, grass and other debris. Green carrot top, debris, leaves and/or grass are separated from the carrots or other produce by rubber fingers on the rotating web belt.

    The Hedgehog is positioned at an angle, with the belt rotating. As carrots transitioned to the Hedgehog, tops, debris and grass are caught by the rubber fingers and elevated over the head drum. Topped carrots fall into a Flume or onto a Conveyor, and waste carrot tops and other debris are elevated onto a Transfer Conveyor which leads to a trailer or bin.

    The angle of operation of the Hedgehog Top Remover is adjustable between 40 to 60 degrees, to suit different types of produce or the quality of the carrot tops being removed.

    The Wyma Hedgehog has a back stop panel and waste chute which contributes to containing waste that may on occasion flick off the web belt. The back stop panel is higher than the waste out-feed point to facilitate cleaning. The frame has also been recently redesigned with four feet to reduce vibrations.

    The Wyma Top Remover Hedgehog is predominantly used for carrot lines, but is also effective with other types of produce where tops and/or grass is a problem.

    Top Remover Hedgehog Models

    Models Approximate capacity* Length Working width
    RTX0008 15 T/hr (33,000 lb/hr) 1450 mm 750 mm (2'5'')
    RTX0012     1200 mm (4')

    • Adjustable angle of operations between 40-60 degrees to suit different types of produce and varying quantities
    • High quality web and rubber fingers
    • Web continuously held on wear strips provides greater belt support and reduces the need for maintenance
    • Railed position guides to maintain flow clearances when the Hedgehog angle is adjusted (for different produce conditions)
    • Water spray to assist debris falling out of hedgehog fingers
    • Conveyor covers in stainless steel to contain top and debris
    • Pivot at base to minimise out-feed variance when adjusting the angle
    • Extended waste chute height to maximise containment of waste


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