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  • The Wyma Flume Destoner removes stones and clods from your vegetables, mainly carrots and potatoes, to minimise damage to equipment and produce further down the processing line.

    Potatoes, carrots or other fresh vegetables are gently conveyed through water flow. The destoning system comprises a stone chute and a stone elevator. Water is pumped up the stone chute at a controlled flow rate. As the upstream water meets with the incoming produce, stones and mud clods sink down the chute and exit via the stone elevator. Due to its lower density, produce floats over the chute space and progresses towards the out-feed.

    The flume destoner has a water re-circulation system. Water can be pumped via an existing equipment tank such as a Wyma Vege-Polisher or Barrel Washer, via a separate tank or integrated water tank (custom design).


    Model Approx capacity* Flume conveyor width Overall height**
    15 t/hr (33,000 lb) 650 mm (2'2'') 2,500 mm (8'2'')
    25 t/hr (55,100 lb) 950 mm (3'1'') 2,800 mm (9'2'')
    35 t/hr (77,000 lb) 1,250 mm (4'1'') 3,000 mm (9'10'')

    RRFXXXX Flume Destoner for integration with existing tank
    RRTXXXX Flume Destoner with separate water tank

    *Depending on soil, produce and operating conditions
    **To produce in-feed point

    • Various widths available to meet capacity requirements
    • Simple destoner mechanism to adjust out-feed ramp and destoning chute positions according to stone type and shape
    • Gentle produce handling
    • Removes stones up to 200 mm (4'') depending on selected model
    • Stone elevator with circular rotating base, allowing positioning to suit line space requirements
    • Ability to lift de-watering grill to facilitate cleaning (if re-circulation tank supplied)
    • High efficiency and high solids handling pump to resist blockage
    • Manual or automatic* purge valve at bottom of water tank to remove sand and dirt (if tank supplied)

    * Optional

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