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  • The Wyma team has developed a new product to remove floating debris from field produce as it travels through the Wyma Wet Hopper. The Wyma Wet Hopper acts as a pre-soak and dirt collection facility early in a processing line. Fine sand and dirt separates from produce and sinks through a web belt into collection hopper(s) in the base of the tank. Hoppers are periodically purged using valves underneath.

    The Floating Debris Remover is placed in front of the Wet Hopper’s out-feed elevator and helps remove buoyant and unwanted material that remains at surface level. This unwanted material can be roots, branches, vines or other crop residue (e.g. corn cobs) resulting from harvesting on newly cleared or crop-rotated land. Its removal maximises the effectiveness of the washing and grading processes downstream and prevents damage to equipment and produce.

    The Floating Debris Remover has an elevated web belt with cleats and steel cross-bars. Pump-operated jets, located at the back of the hopper tank, aid surface flow towards the out-feed. The Debris Remover is positioned at an angle and dips below the water level in the hopper tank so that all material moving at surface level is lifted out. The unwanted material is deposited on a waste removal conveyor. The user can adjust the immersing depth of the belt depending on types and quantities of floating debris.

    This complementary equipment can be retrofitted to existing Wyma Wet Hoppers. For more information on retrofitting this equipment to your existing Wyma Wet Hopper, please contact Wyma.

    • Adjustable depth in water tank to suit different types of floating material or produce conditions
    • High quality web belt with steel cross bars and double cleats
    • Web continuously on wear strips for greater support


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