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  • The Wyma Evenflow Hopper ensures on-demand supply and buffer storage for baggers and other flow-rate sensitive processes. It converts an irregular in-feed supply into a constant out-feed flow, eliminating small surges in produce flow. It is commonly used in pre-pack lines, in between a Roller Inspection Table and a weigher

    The Evenflow Hopper is unique. It can operate as a conventional conveyor but can also operate as a small hopper. The rear of the conveyor has the ability to lower, allowing produce to build up and providing buffer storage for downstream equipment. This is useful when produce in-feed is higher than produce out-feed or in case an interruption takes place.

    The ultrasonic sensor detects produce build up causing the hopper to lower automatically at the rear. This allows produce to be stored on the hopper and maintain an even speed. When the produce is removed, the hopper automatically lifts, minimising fall and potential damage to fresh produce at in-feed etc...

    Evenflow hoppers usually do not require an operator, and start and stop under the control of the central control system of the processing line (if ordered). The conveyor speed and adjustment mechanism are usually controlled by variable speed drives (VSDs) mounted in the main control panel (if Wyma electrics ordered).

    The Wyma Evenflow Hopper is suitable for the transport and storage of carrots, potatoes and other fresh vegetables.

    • Sensors to detect produce level and to control minimum and maximum lift of hopper
    • Automated change from conveyor to hopper
    • Durable PVC belt with tracking strips and stainless steel joiner
    • Surge storage to reduce line stoppages
    • Low maintenance
    • Mild steel, galvanised frame with stainless steel contact points or upgrade to full stainless steel

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