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  • The Wyma V-Bin Hopper is classified as a Dry Hopper. It receives, stores and conveys produce ready for automatic and controlled delivery into a processing line. It is traditionally built to handle large capacities (up to 50T/hr) of free flowing produce with low levels of dirt and clods.

    The "V-Bin" refers to the "V" shape of the floor. The height of the tank and height of the produce need to be high to store large capacities. Produce held with a lot of depth requires a V-shape floor and a produce-supporting turkey roost to regulate the flow of produce onto a conveyor belt underneath. Produce is removed from the bottom of the pile, and carried out by this conveyor at a controlled speed.

    There are two types of Wyma V-Bin Hoppers. The fully closed V-Bin Bunker Hopper consists of a large storage tank with four walls. Multiple V-Bin Bunker Hoppers can be assembled together, with common walls to meet capacity requirements. This dry hopper requires a specifically designed in-feed system, with either bin tipping or conveying equipment. As the drop of the produce may be high depending on the storage capacity of the hopper, Wyma can provide a single or multi stage soft drop system at the loading end to minimise damage. Another key feature of the fully closed V-Bin Bunker Hopper is the “turkey roost’. This is an engineering term describing a “roof” placed above the conveyor belt. It is placed to allow a gap between the roof bottom point and the belt in order for produce to constantly and gently fill the conveyor belt.

    The side receiving V-Bin Hopper has an open side. In this case, the hopper is mostly used to facilitate un-loading of the produce from a truck or other large un-loading system. Although the capacity of this V-Bin Hopper is reduced compared to the fully closed V-Bin version, it provides buffer storage often required when the delivery of produce to the processing line comes at intervals and in various amounts .

    In both Dry Hoppers, the out-feed of the hopper operates via a rubber conveyor belt (or customised material of your choice) placed on rollers. This roller conveyor bed is crucial to minimise belt friction, ensuring durability.

    The Wyma V-Bin Hopper has three main benefits for a processing line: - It provides buffer storage
    - It allows fresh produce to be accumulated and stored so different flow-paths can be managed
    - It provides even-flow delivery from intermittent supply.

    • Mild steel galvanised and painted or upgrade to durable 304 stainless steel construction*
    • Ribbed frame for strong holding capacity
    • Turkey roost to prevent weight accumulation on belt
    • Heavy duty conveyor belt running on a roller bed
    • Caged rear drum to prevent dirt accumulating on the conveyor belt*
    • Centralised greasing system*
    • Auger distributor with spiral movement to convey produce along length of hopper*
    • Option for single or multi stage soft drop system to minimise produce damage on loading


    * Optional

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