Creep Feed Hopper

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  • The Wyma Creep Feed Hopper is classified as a Dry Hopper. It is a reception, storage and conveying equipment for dry produce (brushed or straight after harvest) that has a high level of dirt and clods.

    A Creep Feed Hopper allows the bulk unloading from tip truck or bin rotation into the hopper. A slow out-feed belt moves produce all produce progressively forward towards the out-feed end. The slow out-feed rate ensures a constant flow of produce to the rest of your processing line. If placed in a dry in-feed line, the Creep Feed Hopper is usually followed by some soil extracting equipment to remove excessive dirt and clods prior to entering the rest of the processing line.

    Storage in the hopper can be up to 20T/hr, depending on the tonnage being unloaded at once via truck or bin tipper. The capacity of the Creep Feed Hopper has to allow time for truck or bin changeover without the line being starved of produce, providing buffer storage.

    Construction is heavy duty conveyor chain, with a slat bed covered with heavy 3 ply rubber belting (belt fastened to slats). The slope of the hopper is variable and adapted to line and produce constraints. The height at the discharge end is set to the correct height for unloading trucks or bin tippers.

    With appropriate electrical controls, the hopper floor conveyor can automatically adjust its speed to maintain a more even feed to the line. On truck changeover, the hopper floor can automatically speed up to minimise the "dead" time between changeovers.

    • Robust construction with roller chain bed and heavy duty conveyor fastened to bed
    • Variable Speed Drive Conveyor to control out-feed speed*
    • Easy access for maintenance and service
    • Out-feed flow moderator to even-out out-feed flow*
    • Suitable for most bulk produce such as carrots, potatoes, onions, parsnips, pumpkins etc...


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