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Moffatt Fresh Produce

Moffat Fresh Produce

Date: 2014

Business: Moffatt Fresh Produce

Location: Australia


“The idea of the Wyma Wet Bunker Storage system was floated to us by National Sales manager, John Roest, after discussing with him some of our concerns of not being able to maximize flow efficiencies to our packing machines whilst gaining enough dwell time to adequately cool our product prior to packing.

Once we understood the concept and benefits of the Wyma system, it was a simple investment decision and an easy fit. The design guys worked in with what we already had in place and once all parties were satisfied with the layout, a value was agreed upon. Wyma were given a time and deadline to meet and as they say the rest is history.

After the installation, as always the finer details to suit our system needed to be refined. Working diligently, the guys from Wyma worked well into many a night ready to meet our production-commencement deadline.

Sometime down the track now, we are still as happy as ever with the storage system for the ongoing advantages it brings to our products and our business. The flume transfer after sizing to the tanks is about as gentle as it gets right through to the out feed off the storage tanks with minimal roll back issues. The storage capabilities creating a buffer for our packing machines is a big plus and the gentle nature in which the system works is better for the product, my customers and more importantly our bottom line”.

Steven Moffatt, Moffatt Fresh Produce, Australia


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