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Kaipara Kumara

Date: 2017

Business: Kaipara Kumara

Location: New Zealand


“Kaipara Kumara has been operating since 1970. We operate five days a week, dispatching product to our customers seven days a week.

In the future, we knew we’d be wanting more throughput over the whole production facility. We needed to do some work on our washing side, and initially we were only planning to replace a certain percentage of that line but we ended up deciding to replace the entire wash line.

Wyma Engineering were an automatic choice for us. They’ve got a great reputation for producing good gear. A lot of their business is export-driven which tells you they have some good tests on their manufacturing quality and their final end product.

The installation process is great because Wyma delivered on time. Three 40-foot containers and the truck that bought the Bin Tipper up from Christchurch were all meticulously planned and arrived on the day they were was supposed to.

It certainly brought us up to the modern age and technology. When you look back at our previous equipment, a good percentage of it was between 5-10 years old, so we needed to move to that next level.

With our old line, we were putting through about three ton per hour, but now with the new line we’ve easily moved up to five ton cruising.

About 10 of our staff members have been here for more than 20 years. It’s great to see them so excited knowing they have some beautiful brand new equipment and knowing they are safe up there operating the machinery. It’s one thing that Wyma are very big on, which we’re rapt about.

Worksafe, health and safety, the fact that we’ve got a nice hygienic and safe place for our staff to work, really speaks a lot for Wyma and what they’re helping us to produce.”

Anthony Blundell, Kaipara Kumara, New Zealand.


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