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Pack-house in Taiwan gains access to largest supermarket chain in Asia

Date: 2013

Subject: Pack-house in Taiwan gains access to largest supermarket chain in Asia

Business: Dounan Farmers Association

Location: Taiwan





One year ago, Dounan Farmers Association was operating a small washing and packing operation with people manually removing black marks on the carrots and sorting them. The pack-house was characterized by its inefficiencies and quality issues.

Today, the cooperative is struggling to keep up with demand. Their main customer is Carrefour, the number 1 supermarket chain in Asia, and this supermarket is constantly increasing the quantity they require. Dounan Farmers Association has also recently been approached by several Japanese importers impressed with the appearance of the carrots.

This Taiwanese pack-house is the result of a close cooperation between Compac Asia, Dr. Fang of Taiwan National University and Wyma, to develop a long-term solution for a small group of farmers trying to add value to their produce and turn their pack-house into a sound commercial operation.

“Compac Asia chose Wyma as our partner in this project mainly because of their experience and reputation for delivering innovative and effective solutions. They were simply the best we could work with […] Wyma’s sales team was great in that they provided answers to all sorts of tricky questions quickly. The installation staff were very knowledgeable and able to deal with unexpected issues with confidence when on-site. On top of this, they all had the kindness that characterizes New Zealand people,” says Mr. Kang Lee, General Manager, Compac Asia.

The 7 t/hr Wyma carrot line is fed through a Super Tip Bin Tipper. This bin tipper uses hydraulics to empty the one-tonne bins into a Wet Hopper, a water-filled tank to gently receive produce. A two-tonne model was selected to ensure carrots would stay 15 to 20 minutes in the tank and allow a pre-wash process to take place. The Wyma Wet Hopper also provides buffer storage and sets an even flow for the rest of the processing line.


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A Pre-Inspection Conveyor follows to remove broken or other unwanted carrots before being washed and polished through the WP2412.V2B Vege-Polisher™.

A five tonne Hydro-Cooler™ then cools the carrots from 24° to 4° in the space of 20 minutes. The Hydro-Cooler™, a “simple and robust” design according to Mr. Lee, also helps to enhance the freshness and shelf life of the carrots. These two attributes are valued at supermarket and consumer levels.

Absorbent Drying Rollers to remove excess moisture, a Roller Inspection Table and Gooseneck Bin Filler complete the Wyma part of the processing line. The electronic sorting section of the line that follows was manufactured by Compac Asia.

“The combination of the Wyma wash line and the Compac sorting line has achieved a high level of produce quality and pack-house efficiency […] there is no better solution on carrots than the Wyma Vege-Polisher™”.








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